Hemlock 1984 – 2018 (Prepper)

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Product Description

Artist: SKURK (NO)
Medium: Hand pressed from the original woodcut on Somerset 300g paper
Edition: 9
Size: 37 x 46 cm
Year: 2018

Framed price: 5.150 NOK + 5% BKH (Oak floating box frame with art glass)

Note for shipping: please be aware that the cost for shipping has to be agreed with the gallery.


Description: Signed and numbered by artist

Every single print in “The Observer” series has been hand pressed from the original woodcut. It’s a highly manual process: chop, plane, sand, burn, ink, press, conceal & sign. No computers involved.

These trees have all lived through (observed) a significant event in human history. The prints seek to capture these unique moments in time. A hand written quote has been concealed within each print, at the actual point in time the event took place. Count the rings. It will help you find your place in the larger historical context.

Made from previously fallen wood.

Due to the hand-printed nature of each piece, no two are exactly alike.

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